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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Moving Forrest Zone to a FreeBSD Jail
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 08:08:48 GMT
On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 Gav... wrote:
> Hi All,
> Infra are working towards removing Helios our Zones machine. The Zones are
> to be replaced with FreeBSD (8.1-RC2 currently) Jails.
> All projects zones are to be moved over the next few weeks. I have been
> tasked mainly with this job, with help from others as
> required.
> I have created new Jails but have yet to migrate an existing zone to a jail,
> so I would like to start on familiar ground and
> get the Forrest Zone moved - this week if possible. Anyone who has an acct
> on our current zone setup will if they still require
> it, get an acct on the new Jail.
> Does anyone foresee any issues in doing this? Is the timing ok?
> The only thing I can see is that FreeBSD (and now Debian/Ubuntu) uses the
> Diablo Java rather than the sun jdk so if anyone knows
> of any issues with that please let me know.
> I envisage a short crossover period where we will have both available
> (forrest.zones.a.o and forrest2.zones.a.o) until we are happy all
> is well at our new digs.
> If no objections I'll start soon (next couple of days)

Some messages have been going to the private@ forrest list
for this. So trying to bring the technical discussion back here.

The old zone is being switched off on Friday 17 September
i.e. in a few days.

Tim and i have done some quick checks.

I noticed that there have been changes to various files
server-side on the new zone that are under SVN in forrest/zone
So those changes need to be brought back and committed.

Our zone documentation needs to be fixed:

Also we saw recently a failure with the old zone,
but did not get an email message from the new zone.
So perhaps something wrong with email orginating from
the new zone.

I will make a deliberate break, and see what happens.

However i do not have much time for this. So if someone
else can help, that would be good.


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