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From Vicent Mas <>
Subject Re: building a sample site with dispatcher fails
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 09:22:40 GMT
2010/8/5 Tim Williams <>:
> On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:34 AM, Vicent Mas <> wrote:
>> 2010/8/4 Vicent Mas <>:
>>> Hi,
>>> while investigating the problems that I sent yesterday to this list
>>> (thread 'Unable to run forrest')
>>> and due to the long time I've been without using forrest I decided to
>>> start with the simplest task
>>> i.e. build a sample site using $ forrest seed. It works fine if I
>>> don't use dispatcher, but when I
>>> activated the dispatcher in the file I got an
>>> Internal Server Error page in my browser:
>>>  [...SNIP...]
>>> After that I pressed CTRL-C, and executed "$ forrest clean". Then I run the
>>> "$ forrest" command. I got the following:
>>> [... SNIP...]
>>> So a couple of errors getting
>>> and a BROKEN: org.apache.forrest.dispatcher.transformation.DispatcherTransformer
>>> (basically the same problems that I get when trying to build my real site).
>>> As I said I haven't worked with forrest for a long time so maybe the problem
>>> between the chair and the keyboard, but anyway I would really thank any help.
>>> Vicent
>>> [... SNIP ...]
>> Hi again,
>> I've been browsing the mailing list archives without luck. The only think
>> I've found is the thread "Re: Can't get Dispatcher working at all windows/linux
>> from trunk". Following one of its suggestions I've went back to before the
>> dispatcher merge. I've done a svn up to r882421 2009-11-20. It is not
>> the solution
>> I was looking for but at least now my local forrest is working again.
>> If anyone knows a real solution I'll be glad to hear about it.
> Hi Vicent, I'm hoping someone more familiar with Dispatcher can come
> along and help but for now, can you turn up logging and see if that
> gives at least a better clue?  FWIW, dispatcher on the seed works for
> me and appears to be working on our zone too so hopefully this is just
> a small configuration problem and logging will help unveil it.
> Unfortunately, I'm leaving for holiday right now and won't be around
> for a few days...
> --tim

Hi Tim,

thanks for your answer. I'll turn up logging and see.

Happy holidays :-)


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