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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Moving dispatcher issues
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 00:54:22 GMT
We've discussed this many times (e.g. [1]) but I'd like to propose we
leave the dispatcher in the whiteboard for the 0.9 release.  This
would allow us to remove the dispatcher-related blocker issues and
push off many of the other dispatcher-related issues to the future -
and, more importantly, allow us to get *something* out the door.
Obviously, there are valid considerations for doing either but I think
we've reached the point that we simply need to make a hard call and
move on.  In times like this, I think, the conservative decision is
often best.  For practical purposes, the folks that are using
dispatcher functionality right now are well aware of how to keep on
using it anyway so I'd suggest the only real downside is that it
limits future adoption of it rather than significantly hampering any
existing users - an very real but reasonable compromise.  If no
objections emerge, I'll go ahead and push off those issues in JIRA.


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