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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Author tags
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 01:32:41 GMT
Regarding FOR-855[1] and the @author tags, I couldn't get the
committer tool to work but this...

grep -r -i --exclude=*.{xsl,svn*} @author ./ | wc -l

...turns up 13 potential issues.  Now, I'm glad to remove 3 of them
because their Ross and Thorsten's which understand our culture, but
the others are code dragged in from other projects.  I reckon that the
license allows us to remove them too but I wanted to just confirm
before we get rid of them - as I understand it, if the author really
wanted attribution they would have asked us for mention in a NOTICE
file or somesuch vs. having any expectation from the author

Good news is that there's only one that's outside the whiteboard and,
therefore, could slow things up.


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