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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Author tags
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 06:05:54 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> Regarding FOR-855[1] and the @author tags, I couldn't get the
> committer tool to work

It works for me. I just improved that tool to skip some false-positives,
and added an initial "avoid" list for us.
cd $SVN/asf/committers/tools
./ -a $FORREST_HOME/etc/author-avoid.txt $FORREST_HOME > $WORK/forrest/authors-20100703.txt

That detects some other stuff.

I reckon that we should just remove those 3 that you identified
relating to our own committers. They probably crept in since
the last time that we did this task.

The other one that you refer to below is a file that we
copy from the Ant release, so i reckon okay to leave.
Perhaps it will be fixed when we update our Ant.

The other "whiteboard" things that will not be released,
look like stuff that was copied from Cocoon and Wicket.
Perhaps old copies that need to be synchronised, or at some
later stage removed or tidied up in the manner that you suggest.


> but this...
> grep -r -i --exclude=*.{xsl,svn*} @author ./ | wc -l
> ...turns up 13 potential issues.  Now, I'm glad to remove 3 of them
> because their Ross and Thorsten's which understand our culture, but
> the others are code dragged in from other projects.  I reckon that the
> license allows us to remove them too but I wanted to just confirm
> before we get rid of them - as I understand it, if the author really
> wanted attribution they would have asked us for mention in a NOTICE
> file or somesuch vs. having any expectation from the author
> annotations.
> Good news is that there's only one that's outside the whiteboard and,
> therefore, could slow things up.
> Thanks,
> --tim
> [1] -

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