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From "Gav..." <>
Subject Remaining Issues for release.
Date Tue, 27 Jul 2010 00:00:05 GMT
Hi all, shows 17 remaining issues.

Going through them:

FOR-644, FOR-855, FOR-857, FOR-868, FOR-1149 - FOR-1152

above are issues leading to up doing a release. Of those I have checked
FOR-1149 through to FOR-1152 and believe they can be moved over to the next
release version.

FOR-889  Use by Ant of newer catalog entity resolver failing for Windows  =
push to 0.10 ?

FOR-922  update all docs that explain sitemap fragments  = not sure, ideally
should be done before release.

FOR-1069  add notices for US cryptographic export laws  = a continual issue
that shouldn't hold up a release.

FOR-1073  link elements with no href are created by html-to-document.xsl for
a/name  = needs checking again, ideally should be done before release, not
currently listed as a blocker.

FOR-1077  new CreationDate causes constant differences in output pdf
documents  = ideally should be done before release, not listed as a blocker.

FOR-1104  pdf output warnings "paragraph overflows the available area"  =
ideally should be done before release, not a blocker and could be moved to

FOR-1122  Example site contentIntegration currently only works in forrest
run mode  = I've mentioned this in another mail, suggesting we move this out
of core and into a branch so it can be worked on independant of this release
and only moved back into trunk after the release and after it is functional

FOR-1184  using unreleased code for some supporting products  = I have no
problem with this being solved over time, sometimes we just can't help but
use unreleased code to make ours more stable. Push to 0.10 is my suggestion.

FOR-1187  upgraded PDF plugin was not deployed properly  = This plugin is
probably a bit special and hopefully the release can see this deployed at
the same time.

In summary then, I think we are nearly there! Like the docs say, let's be a
bit more brutal and get this release out there. I know we are not other
projects, but when I see other projects releasing every 3 months, or after a
dozen or so bugs fixed, or a new feature or two, I yearn for the days when
we can be a bit more like them.


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