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From Tim Williams <>
Subject forrestbot switching to plain svn command
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2010 21:31:05 GMT
I've got this working locally, but I use cache credentials (e.g.
keychain).  I'd personally not be comfortable putting my credentials
in clear text in a properties file.  That's the part
(deploy.svn.settings) that, I haven't worked.  So, I'll offer some
options up:

1) We can remove the credential business totally and assume that folks
work out their authentication on their own and I'll check in what I

2) If someone else has an itch and really wants the credentials to be
there, I can either a) checkin what I have and they can go about
adding it in or b) we can create a JIRA ticket and I'll attach it to

Any thoughts/recommendations?


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