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From "Sina K. Heshmati" <>
Subject Re: forrestbot switching to plain svn command
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2010 23:52:42 GMT
Tim Williams wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 6:59 PM, Sina K. Heshmati <> wrote:
>> Tim Williams wrote:
>>> I've got this working locally, but I use cache credentials (e.g.
>>> keychain).  I'd personally not be comfortable putting my credentials
>>> in clear text in a properties file.  That's the part
>>> (deploy.svn.settings) that, I haven't worked.  So, I'll offer some
>>> options up:
>>> 1) We can remove the credential business totally and assume that folks
>>> work out their authentication on their own and I'll check in what I
>>> have.
>>> 2) If someone else has an itch and really wants the credentials to be
>>> there, I can either a) checkin what I have and they can go about
>>> adding it in or b) we can create a JIRA ticket and I'll attach it to
>>> that.
>>> Any thoughts/recommendations?
>> Maybe something like:
>> 1) If the deploy.svn.settings file exists, use it, if not
>> 2) Prompt user for credentials. If user input is empty,
>> 3) Rely on ~/.subversion i.e. auth-cache.
> Thanks Sina, I wasn't clear.  It was really whether or not people see
> it as significant enough to be missed.  I'm happy to give pointers on
> how to get it done but I haven't the time or inclination to do the
> various credential-cache-clearing maneuvers required to properly test
> it.  The code is trivial, testing this particular thing fully is the
> burden - I'd be happy to implement it if someone else were inclined to
> test it:)  For now, I'll create a JIRA issue, check in what I have and
> if someone wants to build on it, they can.

Well, it should be significant to those who can't publish the site.

An issue has been created on JIRA by Tim based on this discussion:

This discussion logically follows the following thread:


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