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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: ElemTemplateElement error: carry-body-attribs caused by r887050
Date Thu, 13 May 2010 12:36:36 GMT
Den 13. mai. 2010 kl. 11.50 skrev David Crossley:

> Brian M Dube wrote:
>> Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>>> I'm not able to build my site anymore, due to the following error:
>>> X [0]                                     linkmap.html	BROKEN: ElemTemplateElement
error: carry-body-attribs
>>> I was finally able to track down the cause of the error being the commit r887050.
I haven't identified this earlier since I hadn't been updating my Forrest instance in a while,
and then didn't have time to track down the error earlier.
>>> Tracking down ... that's kind of an overstatement, since the actual bug is not
found. The thing is, this bug does NOT display using a regular seed. I can only trigger this
bug using my own site.
>> How is the bug triggered?
> I presume just by running 'forrest' (i.e. 'forrest site').


> In default sites, "linkmap.html" is the first document to
> be processed.
> Remember that "linkmap" is a special pipeline.
> To help isolate the problem, try setting the "start-uri"
> to be something else (in
> e.g. project.start-uri=index.html

I will try that as soon as I have some more time.

> Don't know if that is of any help.
> ---oOo---
> Sjur, you are talking about a Dispatcher-based site, correct?

Yes, but the bug is showing up whether or not I have dispatcher enabled. I stripped the plugins
down to only pdf, and I still got that bug.

> Are you sure that r887050 is the cause?
> Remember that the svn merge of the new Dispatcher branch
> happened one day prior to that date, 03 December 2009.

I know, and that was what I suspected as well. But so far r887050 is the one that triggers
the bug. That doesn't mean that the bug hasn't been introduced earlier, but somehow was hidden
until this revision.

Thansk for following up on this, both of you.

Best regards,

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