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From David Crossley <>
Subject issues with PDF plugin (Was: For input string: ":0")
Date Wed, 05 May 2010 01:19:19 GMT
(Moved from "user" list. Please see background in thread
Subject: For input string: ":0"

more below ...

Richard Suematsu wrote:
> Ok, I must be doing something wrong because I tried this on my mac at
> home and I get the same error.  Let me just verify one thing -- I
> should be checking out forrest from here:
> svn co forrest

Yes, correct.

> I turned on debugging on the log and nothing obvious came out like an
> exception.

My memory is failing. I can get raised logging for forrest
in general, but not getting pdf log messages. How is it done?

>  I did get a userconfig is null error in the middle of a
> bunch of stuff.  Is this a clue?

It is configured as null. It is optional.

Because the updated PDF Plugin has not been properly
deployed to the Forrest website, you can only view its
documentation locally:
 cd $FORREST_HOME/plugins/org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.pdf
 forrest run

> ...
> DEBUG - Dynamically adding PDFImageHandler:
> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFImageHandlerRawCCITTFax
> DEBUG - Dynamically adding PDFImageHandler:
> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFImageHandlerGraphics2D
> DEBUG - Dynamically adding PDFImageHandler:
> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFImageHandlerRenderedImage
> DEBUG - Dynamically adding PDFImageHandler:
> org.apache.fop.render.pdf.PDFImageHandlerXML
> DEBUG - userconfig is null
> DEBUG - Registering: any,normal,400 under F5
> DEBUG - Registering: any,italic,400 under F6
> DEBUG - Registering: any,oblique,400 under F6
> DEBUG - Registering: any,normal,700 under F7
> DEBUG - Registering: any,italic,700 under F8
> ...

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