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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Using 0.9 for a new project?
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 13:41:00 GMT
On 06/04/2010 12:36, Tobias Neef wrote:

> In general I like to participate as much as possible from future
> Cocoon developments, also the 1.5/1.6 Java compatibility is a pro for
> the 0.9 version. I haven't used Forrest prior to this so I rely on
> your help.
> - Is the 0.9 version stable enough to be used?
Hi Tobias,

There are quite a few sites using Forrest 0.9-dev in production. It is 
stable. In fact, it should really have been released some time ago.

Of course, like all development versions there can be hiccups. The 
dispatcher is still not fully stable as we found in a recent merge of 
the dispatcher branch.

The main problem with using 0.9-dev in production right now is the lack 
of active development that it is undergoing. There are still quite a few 
of the old devs around (like me for example), but in most cases we are 
not too active on Forrest. However, you will find your queries answered 
and pointers provided, so you will not be on your own.

> - Is there a release timeframe for the "stable" 0.9 version?

There isn't want really. As I mention above, 0.9 is well overdue a 
release. There is a little housework to be done, but it is pretty much 
ready to go.

> - What is the upgrade path between 0.8 to 0.9?


In summary I would say that since you indicate that you want to get 
invovled with development now is a perfect time for Forrest. There are 
enough old hands still around to help you solve the problems whilst 
there is plenty of scope for you to achieve whatever you need to achieve 
for your project.


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