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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Zone updated to Java 1.5
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 07:20:20 GMT
Gav... wrote:
> I've altered the zone setup to point to Java 1.5

Thanks. However please note that most scripts and
config are under version control in the forrest/zone SVN.
So don't just edit them on the server.

> I've also set the recipient to myself initially to see what if any failures
> come in so I can sort them so as to avoid spamming the list during the
> transition.
> ----
> On another note, I see we still have our cronjobs set to 2 hourly.
> One of them updates the trunk source every two odd hours.
> The other three build our versions and run them every two even hours.
> It was moved from 1 hour to two hours due to
> I would say that issue is solved now, especially with the recent svn
> upgrades.

Yes, we should try again. From memory it was mainly about
network and I/O troubles on helios.

> However, I have another solution that makes better sense imho.

That doesn't solve FOR-1061 if the slowness behaviour

Your idea surely will help, so yeah go for it.

> We should go back to 'checking svn'; every hour for new commits, but ONLY do
> an 'svn update' IF 
> any commits have happened during that time. The same for the builds, why
> keep rebuilding every
> hour or two hours if the source hasn't changed ?
> Take this January and February for example where only 1 commit in each month
> took place.
> During that time the zone would have done an svn update and rebuild three
> sites approximately 
> 700 times in that period, 698 of them needlessly.
> So, I propose that we instead do a script like this:
> -----------------
> svn st -u | grep *
> if [ $? = 0 ]; then
>  svn up
> /export/home/config/
> else
> fi
> -----------------

Be careful with that bare asterisk.

I wonder how expensive the 'svn st -u' is.

Anyway, rebuilding only when neccessary is certainly
good, so please do.


> We then change the cronjob to run the above script every hour instead, and
> will do nothing if no commit has happened in that time. I've been running
> this on Buildbot for a year now and works great.
> Thoughts?
> Gav...

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