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From David Crossley <>
Subject the icon-b and relative URLs
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 03:48:34 GMT
Cyriaque Dupoirieux wrote:
> Brian M Dube a ?crit :
> >
> > This last bit doesn't belong in this thread, but I noticed it while
> > looking into this issue and I'm being lazy. The icon-b.png
> > error. Maybe not everyone experiences it, but I believe it has been
> > brought up before.

Yes this build error started appearing some time ago, and there is
discussion in the archives. From memory it didn't used to report an error,
even though it should be an error to write up beyond the document root.
After the "upgrade" to Cocoon-2.1 we started getting the more useful NPE.

The following search helps:
 "icon-b" crossley NPE jeremias

> > While looking at the issue of this thread, I
> > noticed build/images/icon-b.png, while the rest of the build is under
> > build/site. Surely that's the cause of the NullPointer(FileNotFound)
> > exception that Java throws, but there's a larger problem involved. We
> > cannot, must not, may not *write* in the filesystem outside the
> > expected target. I think this issue has been raised in the past.
> > I'll try to look into it; this is merely the lazy documentation
> > of what I've found.

I wonder if that particular demo should be commented-out.
Not removed, see below.

> This is weird, the /site/samples-b/linking.html page shows the
> icon-b.png in the example 5 (generated without the dispatcher)

You mean Example 6. The text explains the situation.

> I think we should change the name of every images used in these examples
> (like 1, 2, 3 and so on.) to be able to find more quickly the problem.
> In the list, 3 examples use the icon-a.png...

Yes, three different situations using the same "icon-a" source image.

Careful with changing the icon names, icon content, and example
numbers. The demo will then need to be changed and there are Jira
issues (e.g. FOR-635) and subsequent forrest-dev discussion, that
refer to examples by name "icon-a" etc. In fact one reason that i
created that demo was to try to resolve FOR-635.


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