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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Release-related issues [was: Re: Blocking Issues
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2009 02:20:13 GMT
>> Tim indicated that this was "housekeeping" which I took to mean the
>> normal due diligence on a release.
> Yes, but i marked it as Blocker (same process as i did for the previous
> releases) because a release should not be rolled until the situation is
> suitable.

This is fairly trivial, but I'm thinking we'd help things by
separating those issues that simply "need to be done as a part of
every release" vs. actual issues targeted at a specific release.  I
see two ways to help:

a) Add a new version with, instead of a "-dev" extension, have "-rel"
suffix.  Then, we agree that the workflow is:
  a1) "x-dev" issues to zero
  a2) code freeze
  a3) "x-rel" issues to zero
  a4) release


b) We add these "need to be done as a part of every release" issues to
a new "Release" component so that they might be easily filtered out.

Anyway, trivial, but I think the separation is helpful to reviewing
"real" issues vs those that simply need to be done before release.


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