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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Blocking Issues
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2009 22:21:19 GMT
2009/11/20 Tim Williams <>:
> Devs,
> The following are the issues considered "blockers".  I feel
> comfortable moving others under lazy consensus to the next release,
> but I felt there was a higher burden for these.  I figure if someone
> thought they blocked at the time, then I reckon they should get a
> say...  Anyway, can you peruse these issues and comment on any that
> you feel strongly about?
> FOR-681 Include xconf files in plugins using includes, not XPatch
> - I don't know, a blocker?

It was reported in 2005 and has not been worked on. I don't see how
this can be a blocker for the next release. Is it even relevant

> FOR-796 Merge all view/dispatcher work into
> org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.dispatcher and
> org.apache.forrest.themes.core
> - Thorsten's looking at this now.

Not a blocker if the goal is to get a release out. Dispatcher has been
holding back Forrest releases since 0.7, it should not block 0.9 too,
it's a whiteboard plugin.

If it is ready in time then brilliant, if not just get a release out
the door since you clearly have some momentum going here. Don't let a
"nice to have" stop that momentum. There's nothing stopping a 0.10
release a few weeks after the 0.9 if someone wants this plugin to go
into core soon (highly unlikely given how long this has sat around
unfinished but in use on peoples sites).

> FOR-911 decide content of release
> - I recommend punting on this one, we can do what we've always done.


> FOR-868 add relevant notes to the "Upgrading" xdoc
> - housekeeping


> FOR-1108        Dispatcher, Cocoon 2.1 and Windows
> - I dunno

Since dispatcher is a whiteboard plugin I'd say go with it anyway and
test/document that dispatcher is broken on windows. This is blocker
for dispatcher going into core, not a blocker on a 0.9 release.

> FOR-591 MaxMemory needs increasing for large document sets: Memory
> Leak with XMLFileModule
> - I'll give this another yet another attempt.

Sufficient to document for a 0.9 release, the same problem exists in
the 0.8 release.

> FOR-855 verify the license situation prior to each release
> - housekeeping

I believe Davids work with RAT fixes this issue.

> FOR-1177        where does forrest use Rhino

Not a blocker

> FOR-812 Remove dependency of projectInfo on skinconf.xml
> - maybe I don't understand it fully, but it doesn't seem like it
> should block us from a release


Thanks for doing all this Tim (and others). I'm afraid this kind of
feedback is about all I will be doing towards the release - keep up
the great work.


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