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From Brolin Empey <>
Subject Why does “forrest site” sometimes skip linkmap.html and do nothing else?
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 23:02:49 GMT
Hello Forresters,

I have not searched to see if this issue has already been discussed
because I wanted to quickly ask instead of adding it to 1 of my long
todo lists because this issue just happened Yet Again™.  I have been
ignoring this issue for years and finally want to at least know what
causes it.

The issue is exactly as the Subject says:  sometimes “forrest site”
skips linkmap.html and does nothing else when I expect it to rebuild
the static site.  The rest of the build seems to work, but the “build”
does not actually build anything.  Sometime the same thing happens
when I run “forrest site" again, but I do not think it ever happens
more than 2 consecutive times before “forrest site” works as expected
and does more than skipping linkmap.html.

Investigating this issue has been a low priority for years because I
am so used to it so I just keep running “forrest site" until it works
as expected, but it is still annoying.

Any ideas?  I hope this is not a repost.


Sometimes I forget how to do small talk: <>

“If you have to ask why, you’re not a member of the intended
audience.” — Bob Zimbinski, <>

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