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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: ical output plugin - sitemap feedback wanted
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2009 08:46:16 GMT
Den 30. okt. 2009 kl. 06.43 skrev David Crossley:

> Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>> skrev David Crossley:
>>> Sjur Moshagen wrote:
>>>> General note:
>>>> This is an excellent example of the flexibility and usefulness of
>>>> Forrest. We (a project team geographically distributed) have  
>>>> regular
>>>> meetings using voicechat software + a collaborative editor (usually
>>>> SubEthaEdit because we are on Macs, but Gobby will do fine), we  
>>>> write
>>>> in jspwiki format, ie structured, plain text (the KISS principle),
>>>> which is transformed by Forrest to online meeting memos (pdf, html)
>>>> and task lists in iCal format using the plugin described above.
>>> This is very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing a
>>> situation for how you use Forrest. That should encourage.
>> :)
> Many thanks for adding the initial iCal output plugin Sjur.


> I had a quick look and it works for me.

Nice to hear.

> I did a few minor tweaks and house-keeping stuff.

I saw that, thanks a lot for cleaning the bits I didn't notice.

> There are some strange unreadable characters next to links
> in the *.jspwiki sample files.

Those are UTF-8 encoded non-breaking spaces (NBSP). The wiki parser  
has some interesting whitespace processing - in some cases spaces are  
inserted where there were none in the source (e.g. around boldface or  
italic), in some cases spaces are removed, like after URL's, which  
makes the following text run into the URL. NBSP is treated as a  
regular character, and isn't touched, making the final output look  
like intended.

We use only UTF-8, so I had forgotten to change it to Latin-1. It is  
changed now.

I know the NBSP trick is really a hack, but I haven't had time to dig  
into the wiki parser code. I'm not sure the present behaviour is  
easily fixed.

> By the way, this new proposal at Apache Incubator might
> be of interest.
> [PROPOSAL] Apache OpenMeetings incubator for Web Conferencing

Thanks for the pointer.


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