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From Vicent Mas <>
Subject Re: meta tag problem
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 16:01:57 GMT
> "Vicent Mas" <> said:
> > In my (dispatcher) website I'd like to use meta tags for giving keywords
> > to my HTML pages. I know I can use the contract siteinfo-meta and
> > generate a set of keywords that will be used in every page of the
> > website. But, is there a way for specifying different keywords for
> > different pages? I've tried to use the meta element  inside header
> > elements in my xml sources but it doesn't work. Maybe I'm using this meta
> > element in a wrong way or maybe it is intended for something different, I
> > don't know. Indeed reading
> >
> >
> >
> > it is difficult for me to say what it is useful for.
> >
> > Help will be appreciated. TIA
> It's perfectly reasonable to expect <meta/> tags defined in source XML
>  files to be copied to the HTML output but AFAIK, it's currently fairly
>  complicated to ensure this transition of elements using the dispatcher.


> You might, however want to write a simple structurer for those particular
>  pages where you need the <meta/> tags. Please let us know should you need
>  more help with this issue.

Well, I'm not sure it is worth to do so much work. I expected it was easy to 
achieve my goal (in other words, I expected to be able to use meta elements 
inside header elements in my xml sources). If it is not the case I can live 
with the current situation.

> BTW, I don't see @content defined for <meta/> in the DTD you referred to;
>  would meta tags be useful without @content?

Right, @content is not defined so I assumed that #PCDATA in
<meta @someattr..>#PCDATA</meta>
would be used somehow as @content. But apparently it is not. This is why I 
don't know how to use <meta/> tags.

Thanks for your suggestions.


	Share what you know, learn what you don't

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