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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: release process
Date Tue, 13 Oct 2009 01:42:42 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >
> > It may require two releases in reasonably quick succession.
> > Otherwise we risk holding up the release for more ages.
> Or even a release every 2-3 months regardless of the state of
> development. I think one of our mistakes has been to wait for features
> to be finished before releasing. Then they've been redesigned,
> rejigged and broken.

After the last release we suggested that that would
be best.

> Look at Locationmap - it took us three years to get that code in, once
> in it was tidied up and polished. The XML config system was put into
> the last release as an undocumented feature and, as a result has seen
> significant work and is now ready for official release (yet there has
> been no release).

There is a window of time here for someone to
document that and add default configuration
for the sample sites and plugins.

If not done, then we should just release as-is.

> It used to be just David doing releases. We discussed and agreed more
> frequent releases. So I an Ferdinand cut a release. From memory I
> think that was the last release Forrest had. All good intentions, but
> no action.

As i recall, that was just to build the Windows
archive for 0.7 release. For 0.8 the process was
changed (r522705) so that Ant enabled any RM to build
both UNIX and Windows packages. No-one complained
so i guess that it worked.

The whole process of being the Release Manager
and trying to galvanise other Forrest developers,
is where the main effort is required.

Anyway, fantastic to hear that you could readily
follow the necessary parts of the process.

> > The last release was much easier with those notes.
> +1000 - the process isn't actually that hard. It only looks complex
> because it is well documented. Ironically, as David says, it is this
> documentation that makes the process easier.

If it had not been written then it might appear
easier. We would likely need to cut various release
candidates because steps were forgotten.

I definitely agree that the process could be easier.
Last time i did not try to refine it, as we needed
to JFDI.


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