Dear Moderators ;-)
Although I'm not so very active any more I'm still lurking around
and we're still using forrest in our company.
Now we've made internal IT infrastructure changes that imply that
soon I'll be no longer able to receive e-mails through any *
How can I change my e-mail address for the lists I'm on (user, dev, pmc, svn)?
The new address is:
The old one is one of these: {jschaefer,johannes.schaefer}
If it is, no change ist needed.
Please let me know how to change my e-mail address.
Thanks a lot (also from our e-mail admin ;-)
Johannes Schäfer


i.A. Johannes Schaefer, Head Usability Ludwigsburg

User Interface Design GmbH, Ludwigsburg (Germany)

phone/fax  +49 7141 37700-46/-99 * mobile +49 170 4914567

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Martin-Luther-Straße 57-59 * 71636 Ludwigsburg

Hansastraße 7-11 * 44137 Dortmund

Friedrichsring 46 * 68161 Mannheim

Truderinger Strasse 330 * 81825 Muenchen


Legal information according to EHUG:

User Interface Design GmbH; Managing Directors: Dr. Claus Goerner,

Franz Koller; Head office: Ludwigsburg; Commercial register of the

local court of Stuttgart, Germany, HRB 205519