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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject ical output plugin - sitemap feedback wanted
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 09:16:17 GMT
Hello all,

For a long time our project group has been using an ical output  
project module that I'm now converting to a real plugin, which I  
intend to add to the whiteboard. For historical reasons, the url  
pattern matched against presupposes a certain file naming scheme, as  

<!--   Will match weekly meeting files {2}, and extract the tasks for  
person in {3}, returning the task list as an iCal TODO list -->
<map:match pattern="**/Tasks_*_*.ics">
     <map:generate src="cocoon://{1}/Meeting_{2}.xml" />
     <map:transform src="{lm:ical.transform.document.ics}">
         <map:parameter name="date" value="{2}" />
         <map:parameter name="person" value="{3}" />
     <map:serialize type="ical" />

That is, the meeting date is encoded in the filename, and the person  
for which the ical file should be created is encoded in the URL in  
addition to the date. Also, the filename is fixed to the pattern  
"Meeting_{DATE}.xml (or actually *.jspwiki in our case). Is this ok,  
or should I change to a more general pattern? One reasoning is that it  
doesn't make sense to create an ical file for a non-meeting document,  
and this dependency is expressed in the URL and filename patterns. But  
then again, the whole plugin depends on certain conventions in the  
source document, so you can anyway add non-working links (ie link to  
meeting documents that do not follow these conventions).

Comments on the URL or filename patterns? Other comments?

General note:

This is an excellent example of the flexibility and usefulness of  
Forrest. We (a project team geographically distributed) have regular  
meetings using voicechat software + a collaborative editor (usually  
SubEthaEdit because we are on Macs, but Gobby will do fine), we write  
in jspwiki format, ie structured, plain text (the KISS principle),  
which is transformed by Forrest to online meeting memos (pdf, html)  
and task lists in iCal format using the plugin described above.

Best regards,

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