I originally posted about this issue on the user list, but was was redirected here since it's regarding a plugin in the whiteboard.

I am having trouble generating a PDF from an ODT file using the org.apache.forrest.plugin.input.odt plugin.  I added "Abstracts-10.odt" to my source and the following corresponding entry to site.xml:

<abstracts label="abstracts" href="Abstracts-10.html"/>

The html is generated properly, but I get the following error with regard to the PDF:

* [98/2]    [1/36]    0.535s 29.9Kb  samples/Abstracts-10.html
X [0]
samples/Abstracts-10.pdf        BROKEN: internal-destination or
external-destination must be specified in basic-link

I believe that the process I'm using is correct, because when I add the sample file "opendocument-writer.odt" to my site in the same way, both the html and PDF are generated correctly.

My own file is v. 1.1, whereas the sample is v. 1.0.  Is this the problem?  Is there a work-around?  Do I just need to update the XSLT associated with the plugin?

Other info:
Mac OS 10.5.6
Java 1.5.0_16
Forrest 0.8