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From Brolin Empey <>
Subject Re: Simple include files?
Date Sat, 16 May 2009 00:41:17 GMT
2009/5/15 Gavin <>
> Well, it makes it damn difficult for people to work out who is saying what, and makes
> difficult to be separated from the question, especially so for those reading the archives
> not part of the conversation.

I notice you are using Outlook.  I have no trouble using Mozilla
Thunderbird and Gmail’s Web interface to reply inline to HTML
messages.  Can you use Thunderbird instead of Outlook?

> It is your preference, mine is to not answer any more queries posted in html.

OK, I will try to use only plain text when writing to this list.  It
is annoying, though, because I use Gmail’s Web interface, which
remembers the last message format used (plain or rich text), so I have
to keep switching because I use rich text with other contacts.  That
is why I wrote I will try to use only plain text when writing to this
list:  I may forget because Gmail’s Web interface does not appear to
support configuring whether a recipient prefers plain or rich text.
Thunderbird has that feature, but I use Gmail’s Web interface because
I use this Gmail account on at least 2 desktop PCs.  I do not use a
portable PC.

Anyway, can we please get back on track?  Can someone please change
the XDocs DTDs so I can use <xi:include/> as a child of a <table>
(after the optional <caption>)?

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