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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: class attribute of body element in XDocs source is not included in generated HTML
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 23:35:25 GMT
2009/5/15 Brolin Empey <>:
> I asked about this months ago, but will ask again because the issue still
> exists in the current version of Forrest.  The last time I asked, I was
> using a release version.
> Here is the body element of my XDocs source file:
> <body class="product_heading">
> The generated HTML does not include the class attribute.  Is there any way
> to get the class attribute included in the generated HTML?
> I guess this is a Cocoon issue.  It is annoying because I have to hack the
> generated HTML to add the class attribute.

This is not a Cocoon issue. It will be stripped by one of our XSLT
files. The question is, which one...

To narrow the possibilities request http://localhost:8888/foo.xml

This will return the intermediate format used by forrest (i.e. what we
have after all input side plugins have been executed).

Does the class attribute exist? If not then it is the input side XSLT
that is stripping it, since you indicate your source is in XDoc I
assume you are not using an input plugin and therefore it is in the
core stylesheets, see

It would really help you in tracking this problem if you familiarise
yourself with the Forrest processing pipelines, but brute force
examination of likely looking stylesheets may get you there.

If the class information appears in the intermediate format then the
problem is on the output side. Since you are talking about HTML then
the issue wll be somewhere in the skin stylesheets.

Sorry I can't be more specific, I don't have the time to track the
problem myself, I hope this info helps get you started debugging.


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Ross Gardler

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