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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: How can I use class lists with XDocs?
Date Thu, 14 May 2009 01:10:09 GMT
Brolin Empey wrote:
> Is it possible to use class lists in XDocs source files with Forrest
> v0.9-dev?
> I found a discussion about this issue from 2006 in the dev list archives:
[Proposal] Rules for Forrest Use of class-Attributes

Interesting thread that you found. (Making a note to
re-read that sometime.)

> I need to use a class list in an XDocs source file:
> <td rowspan="2" class="wide nested_table">
> This source file fails validation:
> validate-xdocs:
> /home/brolin/WEB/
> Attribute value "wide nested_table" of type NMTOKEN must be a name token.

I just tried, and yes it fails for me too, even without
the underscore.

I did a quick search from $FORREST_HOME/main using find/egrep
Here is one example:
./webapp/resources/stylesheets/plugins-to-xdoc.xsl: <div class="frame note">
Because we don't validate the intermediate document format
during processing, we can get away with that.

Perhaps the "document" DTD needs modifying. Can you suggest a patch?


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