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From Vicent Mas <>
Subject Re: problem with site.xml and tabs.xml: empty menus
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2009 14:41:32 GMT

finally I've fixed my problem. In my customisation layer I've done the
following changes:

- in pelt-html.leftbar.panel.xml I've commented out the call to the
nav-section-round-bottom contract
- in nav-section.ft, I've added a template with the same functionality than the
nav-section-round-bottom contract. I've added too a conditional call to this
template: it is called from <xsl:template match='/'> when the condition
<xsl:if test="$nav-section/navigation/menu != ''"> is fulfilled

In a few words, if a tab doesn't contain a navigation menu then the bottom is
not rounded. Probably this can be achieved in a much easier way (it works
fine if I use the skinconfig approach instead of the dispatcher) but, as a good
newbie, I cannot find it. Please tell me if you know a better solution.


2009/3/31 Vicent Mas <>:
> Hi,
> lately I've been reading a lot, struggling with the problem and I've
> now a better understanding of what the real issue is. My description
> was not correct. Tabs with no content (other than the file referenced
> by indexfile attribute) are not expanded when they are selected and do
> not show an empty menu. What is happening is that the round bottom of
> navigation menus is *always* added to the bottom of the selected tab,
> even if no menu has been expanded (it doesn't happen with the skin
> approach).
> I realized of that when I was editing a local copy of
> pelt-html.leftbar.panel.xml in order to do some customisations of my
> website. So I think that the essence of the problem is that the
> nav-section-round-bottom contract should be able to find out if a menu
> is being displayed (with whatever content, toc, message of the day...)
> or not. Unfortunately I don't know how to achieve this goal (it seems
> to me a complex task).
> In my website I've both tabs with menus and tabs without menus, so
> commenting out the call to the nav-section-round-bottom contract
> doesn't work for me. In summary, I still need help.
> On the other hand, although I've been reading a lot (including the
> tips section about this topic) maybe I've not doing something obvious
> or maybe there is a simpler way for doing what I want. If this is the
> case, please tell me.
> Vicent
> PS: the site.xml and tabs.xml included in my previous mail are not
> very important, you can reproduce the problem yourself with much
> simpler files.
> 2009/3/31 David Crossley <>:
>> Vicent Mas wrote:
>>> I'm a newbie. I recently intalled forrest-0.90 from svn and started playing
>>> with it. First I tried the skin approach. After some reading, I decided that
>>> using dispatcher was the way to go so I did. Now I've some problems that
>>> I don't know how to fix.
>> Sorry, i don't have time yet to review your tabs and site config.
>> Have you seen the tips about this general topic?
>> -David
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> Share what you know, learn what you don't.

Share what you know, learn what you don't.

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