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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Some plugins not showing on website
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 04:54:22 GMT
Gavin wrote:
> Here is a list of Plugins that are not showing.
> There may be a one off fix to solve all at once, like a re-publish or an
> 'ant deploy' or something, otherwise let me know so I can open a Jira.

It is not a simple issue. We have needed to attend to
our release/update process for plugins. There is old
mail discussion and perhaps even a Jira Issue.

Our documentation does not yet properly describe the
release process. Here is what we have, and there is
also some in the mail archives (e.g. [1]).
See also the Fixme note at the end of section:
which mentions some notes at

IIRC, then we have not ever done a proper release for
any of the plugins. Just deployed some of them so that
they are available for users who don't have a svn checkout.

We have not been very good at updating the deployed plugins.
Some have changes that have not yet been re-deployed. Some have
changes that necessitate incrementing versions numbers
and re-deploying.

The ones that you have listed, all seem to be whiteboard
plugins that i presume have not been considered sufficiently
ready for deployment.

I think that we should go through every plugin and consider
each for release. That should ensure that each has some
developer community behind it, and would get some more
consistency to our process.

Our automated plugins documentation should clearly label
which plugins are "released", both on the index summary
and on each plugin's docs.

Another issue is that we should not be making those released
resources available via the website, as that is not a proper
distribution mechanism. This has been discussed before.
I presume that we can continue what we are doing, but we
should try to fix that sometime.

[1] One past discussion, there are more:
 Re: Managing plugin releases


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