I have two questions about Subversion.  I think I understand it, but I just want to make sure. 

I just checked out, per the instructions, using
svn co http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/forrest/trunk forrest
and got revision 755077.  I then went to the repository on my browser, here
and watched while the revision climbed to 755090.  Is the one repository shared by all the Apache projects?  Is that why it changes so fast?

My second question, on the ticket, you wrote "Use head of our SVN trunk (i.e. 0.9-dev) ".  Is that what I got with the above checkout?  I see in main/build.xml the line
      <property name="forrest.version" value="0.9-dev"/>
Is that definitive?


On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 8:36 PM, David Crossley <crossley@apache.org> wrote:
Christopher Maloney wrote:
> Okay, I'm getting started.  I have in mind trying to work on some of the
> documentation.  I used to use Subversion quite a bit, but that was a long
> time ago.  I've installed the latest version, and am getting used to it
> again.  I've "co"ed and built the latest Forrest, and I think I know how to
> do patches.
> When I get a patch done, should I send it here to the dev list, or should I
> just attach it to the Jira ticket?

To the issue tracker please: