finally I solved my problem with the location of the locationmap.
I had something like this in my locationmap.xml:

    <match pattern="pdf.transform.*.*">
      <location src="{properties:skins-dir}/myskin/xslt/fo/{1}-to-{2}.xsl"/>

but had to remove the <select> to get it working since otherwise
I get a java exception in my locationmap.log which is not very helpful
to find the problem...

Thank you very much since you pushed me in the right direction.


David Crossley schrieb:
Re: question to FOR-1136 and locationmap.xml not found

EMMEL Thomas wrote:
> so what now ???

Sorry, i had to snip all of the above. No time.
Hopefully someone else can help.

To over-ride such stuff, as you indicate, you need to
concentrate on getting your project's locationmap
to function.

> In addition I realy like to understand how the locationmap-thing works
> but I cannot find enough input
> to understand the complete work-flow and debugging is very hard...
> For example there is a locationmap.xml and maybe a
> locationmap-project.xml but I don't know when they are used
> and where they should be stored, due to my problems above that no local
> locationmap after all will be read.

I suspect that your problem is with the
filename "locationmap-project.xml".
Have a look at Forrest's core sitemaps:
]$ cd $FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/
]$ grep locationmap *.xmap

The sitemap.xmap responds to the *internal* pattern
"locationmap-project.xml" and looks for a project
locationmap at {properties:content}locationmap.xml
Note the expected final filename "locationmap.xml".

See the example for our project website
at $FORREST_HOME/site-author/

Our location map is at

The docs should help: