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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: plugin: output.pdf: <a> not resolved in helper-commonElements.xsl, bug or feature?
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2009 12:44:39 GMT
2009/2/27 EMMEL Thomas <>:
> Ross Gardler schrieb:
> ...
> Such a hole would not show up when converting to HTML as the <a>
> element is legal there and would be passed through unmodified by the
> internal processing. However, given that Forrest is in use in a great
> many places and this hasn't raised it's head before I want to  check
> everything is in order. To that end we need an answer to my earlier
> question "Under what circumstances do you find a document containing
> an <a> gets processed  by this stylesheet?"
> Ross
> Ross,
> I think this is connected to my own dtd, since I need some new elements
> and change others. For the default document-v20.dtd everything works fine.
> However, I never touched <a> inside my dtd,
> therefore I think it might be a general problem since it happens all the
> time I use an own dtd.
> For example I do a forrest seed, create a new dtd as described in the
> documentation that is only a copy to the document-v20.dtd, e.g.
> myown-v12.dtd:
> <!ENTITY % common-charents PUBLIC
>     "-//APACHE//ENTITIES Common Character Entity Sets V1.0//EN"
>     "common-charents-v10.mod">
> %common-charents;
> <!ENTITY % document PUBLIC
>     "-//APACHE//ENTITIES Documentation V2.0//EN"
>     "document-v20.mod">
> %document;
> and refere to it in a document like this:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <!DOCTYPE greeting PUBLIC "-//Test//DTD myown V1.2//EN" "myown-v12.dtd">
> <document>
>   <header>
>     <title>test</title>
>   </header>
> <body>
> <p>test this link:
>  <a href="">Forrest</a>.</p>
> </body>
> </document>
> I create the xcat-entry and run forrest
> Now, everything works fine for html-output, but fo and pdf miss the link.
> Any idea?

How is the above document processed? you should have an input plugin
that convers myown-v12.dtd to the internal XDoc v1.3, thus you would
not have any <a> elements internally only <link>, <jump> and <fork>.
note that this is not clear in our docs.

You can choose to proceed as you are, but you need to be aware that if
you start using other output plugins you will continue to loose links.

However, since it works in HTML and your proposed change is quite
minor and will not affect users who are not making the kind of change
you suggest I'd be OK with that change going into the release. It does
not break backward compatability and would be correct if we eventually
move to XHTML2 subset anyway.

Feel free to provide a patch, please refer to this thread in the
description so that we can see why it is provided.



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