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From EMMEL Thomas <>
Subject question to FOR-1136 and locationmap.xml not found
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2009 09:37:48 GMT

I have (maybe) small problem, which I cannot resolve following the docs
and the mailing lists:

I use my own DTD which enhances the default one by adding
an element for figures with a caption and an automatic counter
and another element with a reference to this first element which could
be used
like this

<sfigure id="somepic" src="imgaes/some.png" alt="some explanation"
 caption="This is a picture"/>

See <sref ref="somepic" label="Figure"/> ...

This works very good as long as I need output to html and I implemented
my changes in my skins 'document-to-html.xsl' mainly.

Now I like to add these elements to 'document-to-fo.xsl' to get it in
PDF too.
However, following FOR-1136 my local file isn't used anymore (/-#).
Now, I follow the path and like to understand how I could use the
to add my changes again.

The problem seems that my project locationmap.xml isn't recognized.
I cannot find any reference to it in the locationmap.log-file, the same
for locationmap-project.xml...

I use 0.9dev (not fully up to date) and my locationmap.xml is in
(Note: I removed the 'documentation' directory for my project)

I added this to it to try to use my old document-to-fo.xsl again:

    <match pattern="pdf.transform.*.*">

and I added this to my document-to-fo.xsl:


hoping it will work...

Thanks in advance


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