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From David Crossley <>
Subject [important] developers need to assist each other
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 07:48:45 GMT
In past quarterly ASF board reports [1] and again
this month ...

General status:
 Development is still rather quiet, as noted in previous reports.
 Developers are still assisting each other when needed.

 Low traffic on the user list. Still being answered by various developers.

Developers have still been assisting each other
for most of the past three month period.

However, recently i notice that people are not being
answered on the dev list. For example both Tim and Thorsten
have issues that need assistance.

Remember that anyone who is subscribed to this
dev mail list should assist. Not just ASF committers.

We need to continue to build this community, to keep
our project alive.

Please all help to head off this pattern. It is my duty
as this project's chair to alert such changes to the
ASF board.

We report in February, May, August, November.


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