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From "Gavin" <>
Subject Merge output plugins with OOo
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 09:49:08 GMT
Hi All,

A little while back it was suggested that we remove the old plugin in favour of the newer OOo output plugin.

There was at least one voice that said the former was still useful.
Both do different jobs, one outputs in the older .xsi format whilst the
newer OOo currently outputs in .odt format (2.4+)

Well, what about a merger?

I had always intended that OOo would expand from just being an .odt output -
and eventually include the other formats such as for calc etc. I don't see
why we couldn't also incorporate this older .xsi impress format as well.

I think the merger would be easy, just copy over the stylesheet, add the
matches into the output.xmap, create extra locationmap entries, merge the
documentation example and we are done.

Obviously I'm offering to do it. Hopefully those currently using the need only refer to the newer plugin.

Any objections, thoughts?


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