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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: input.wordpress (was Re: potential new plugin)
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 10:32:35 GMT
Brian M Dube wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 04:03:27PM +1000, David Crossley wrote:
>> The dependencies on the main facilities (e.g. WordPress and MySql)
>> seem okay to me. I expect that they would be treated as
>> system requirements, i.e. there is no use for the plugin if
>> there is no server available to connect to and extract content from.
> (Snip)
>> Some of them (e.g. ehcache) are already in forrest core lib
>> but need to to updated.
>> If Forrest followed our usual technique of re-distributing
>> the supporting jars as a convenience, then definitely there
>> are some in that list that cannot be re-distributed:
>> e.g. hibernate - See 150 hits for that word on legal-discuss@
>> especially LEGAL-7 (and its linked issues) and the responses
>> to that and to LEGAL-9.
>> e.g. mysql-connector-java - I expect that there would be
>> similar issues. Is there no suitably licensed alternative?
> I haven't found one. I don't have the energy to make the plugin work
> without Hibernate and the MySQL driver. I'm happy to make the code
> available elsewhere, but this is a blocker to host it here. Note I
> have not contacted legal-discuss. The time and energy for that is
> lacking, too.

If there is no way of getting into Forrest I'll give you commit rights 
to the SF plugins project. Just let me have your SF username (when I set 
this up we said any Forrest committer could have committ access over 
their simply by asking).

However, be aware that it is not an active community in its own right. 
It's merely a place to put stuff the ASF cannot distibute. We can (but 
at present do not) include plugins from there in the Forrest 
documentation (i.e. plugins.xml). Although to do this will require us to 
include a big "this is not an approved ASF released plugin" or something 
like that.


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