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From Brian M Dube <>
Subject Re: input.wordpress (was Re: potential new plugin)
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 04:30:05 GMT
On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 12:55:26AM +1000, David Crossley wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
> > David Crossley wrote:
> > >Ross Gardler wrote:
> > >>Brian M Dube wrote:
> > >>>David Crossley wrote:
> > >>>>The dependencies on the main facilities (e.g. WordPress and MySql)
> > >>>>seem okay to me. I expect that they would be treated as
> > >>>>system requirements, i.e. there is no use for the plugin if
> > >>>>there is no server available to connect to and extract content from.
> > >>>(Snip)
> > >>>
> > >>>>Some of them (e.g. ehcache) are already in forrest core lib
> > >>>>but need to to updated.
> > >>>>
> > >>>>If Forrest followed our usual technique of re-distributing
> > >>>>the supporting jars as a convenience, then definitely there
> > >>>>are some in that list that cannot be re-distributed:
> > >>>>
> > >>>>e.g. hibernate - See 150 hits for that word on legal-discuss@
> > >>>>especially LEGAL-7 (and its linked issues) and the responses
> > >>>>to that and to LEGAL-9.
> > >>>>
> > >>>>e.g. mysql-connector-java - I expect that there would be
> > >>>>similar issues. Is there no suitably licensed alternative?
> > >>>I haven't found one. I don't have the energy to make the plugin work
> > >>>without Hibernate and the MySQL driver. I'm happy to make the code
> > >>>available elsewhere, but this is a blocker to host it here. Note I
> > >>>have not contacted legal-discuss. The time and energy for that is
> > >>>lacking, too.
> > >>If there is no way of getting into Forrest ...
> > >
> > >We don't know that yet. Brian is not the only person
> > >in this community. It is a pity that no-one can make
> > >the effort to follow up on such legal aspects.

It looks like you mean that in a general sense, but in this case I didn't
expect anyone to champion a plugin that only I have access to. Based
on good advice earlier in the thread, I've been holding off contacting
legal-discuss until I can write it up in a way that doesn't waste
their time or mine. Another factor is that I didn't expect an outcome
that would put the plugin on ASF hardware, but see below.

> > Peronslly I don't need to follow up. There is GPL code - that's the end 
> > of the story for the ASF. I too have looked for alternatives in the past 
> > - they don't (to my knowedge exist) and I've wasted much time on this in 
> > the past.
> > 
> > I'm offering a solution. If others want to follow up on the legal front 
> > fine - for me it is a dead end so lets get the code where it can be used.
> I am not referring to finding a replacement. I mean that
> our "legal-discuss" list is not a boogey monster. They
> want to treat everything on a case-by-case basis.
> No-one has yet even approached them on this matter.
> See Henri's answer in

I read that and the other legal issues in this thread and was
discouraged. If I have the time to write a draft that satisfies me,
I'll contact them.


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