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From David Crossley <>
Subject [heads up] our packaged Apache Ant is upgraded to v1.7.1
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 06:55:04 GMT
Over the last few days i have upgraded our packaged
Apache Ant at $FORREST_HOME/tools/ant to be Ant-1.7.1
See r700693.

Our Ant was 1.6.5 which was released on 02-Jun-2005.
1.7.0 was released 19-Dec-2006
1.7.1 was released 27-Jun-2008

Also upgraded some of Ant's supporting libraries
in tools/ant/lib.

Not yet done "xml-commons-resolver" because we still
have FOR-889 on Windows, which we cannot encourage a
Windows developer to help.

Not yet done "ant-contrib" because i encountered a problem.
Will look at that next.

It took a lot of testing and debugging. Our problems,
not Ant's.

The main issue was in our "validate-xdocs" task,
which broke with out-of-memory issues. After some
time i found it was a strange bug with a previous
commit that did not show up until this Ant upgrade.
It is something to do with classpath - see r700348.
Anyway, it works now but needs more investigation.

As usual the tools/ant/bin/* scripts needed our changes
applied. This is mainly to force forrest to use our Ant,
rather than any old system-wide Ant.

Windows users beware. The Ant developers have tried
hard to have a start script that works on various
Windows flavours. Then i added our minor changes,
and i have not Windows to test with.

So if you use plain Windows, rather than via Cygwin,
then things might not work.


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