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From Pablo Barrera <>
Subject Re: Using dispatcher contracts with a not html output
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2008 07:52:49 GMT

On 20/09/2008, at 0:34:26, Thorsten Scherler wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 13:58 +0100, Pablo Barrera wrote:
>> On 17/09/2008, at 15:11:56, Pablo Barrera wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> I have developed an small contract to collect and show all links of
>>> a document.
> the input is our internal xml format?

Yes, it is. But I was only able to use for the HTML output. Right now  
I have another version that uses the tei output plugin to create the  
same effect with the tei output.

>> My idea is to create a new section on my documents
>>> called "References", so all links could be found in the same place.
>>> After some problems (thanks for the help) I have the system working
>>> smoothly for HTML output using the pelt-html.content.panel.xml
>>> structurer.
> Good to hear. :)
>>> However, I would like to obtain a TEI document with the same
>>> section. How could I use my contract with the tei output?
> You want the link contract that you described above to be included  
> in a
> tei document? Is the above link html specific, or could you directly
> reuse it?

I want to have the option to create this "references" section in any  
kind of output document, mainly html, pdf and tei.

>>> I think I'm a little confuse with TEI being an output plugging and
>>> the way structurers for non-html output work.
> Each format that supports the dispatcher needs to declare it. As I see
> org.apache.forrest.plugin.internal.dispatcher/internal.xmap
> there is *.html and *.fo but no *.tei.
> In org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.tei/output.xmap it is not declared
> either. So you need to declare the dispatcher there as well.
>> As I am having problems with this particular use of dispatcher
> See above the dispatcher is not enabled there, but it is easy to do  
> so.
>> I am
>> going to try to modify document-2-tei xsl to add the links at the end
>> of the document when using a tei output instead of a html output.
> Please (if possible) implement the functionality in a seperate xsl  
> that
> you then include in the doc-2-tei. This way it will be easy to use  
> it as
> well in a tei contract if you decide to enable the dispatcher in tei.

So, if I have understand it correctly, we'll have the functionality in  
two different places, won't we? I will try to get the dispatcher  
working looking to the files you suggested.



Pablo Barrera

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