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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject i18n message catalogue in dispatcher and skins
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 12:01:24 GMT
Hello all,

I'm starting on the next step to make the pdf plugin fully i18n -  
support for i18n text.

To that extent I have a couple of questions:


In $FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/sitemap.xmap, the following lines are  

       <map:transformer name="i18n"  
         <catalogues default="common">
           <catalogue id="common" name="CommonMessages"  

Why is the path to the message catalogue "soft-coded" to the project  
instead of using a LM?


Dispatcher has its own set of translations in


The files there seem to be exact copies of the ones in


Any reason for the duplication? Why not use the skins catalogue?

3. Both dispatcher and skins seem to prefer translations in the  
project tree. Why is that? To ease setup for new languages for new  
users (understandable)? It would still be quite easy to use some LM to  
fall back to a message catalogue in forrest if not found in the  
project, and just tell users to copy the files into the proper project  
folder if needed (ie when needing support for a language not yet  
included in Forrest).

Basic point for all these questions:

now we have copies of the same info all over the place, and most is  
not used - I would like to remove all the unnecessary ones, and use LM  
in all cases - and remove the messages from the seed. As part of that  
I would like to update the user documentation for i18n as well, to  
make sure it reflects the current state and how to set up proper i18n  
support, as well as how to add new languages to the translation  


Best regards,

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