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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Resolving relative locations in the locationmap
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 22:26:04 GMT
I've hit a problem with my work on multiple site integration in the 
whiteboard. I thought it was all going too well ;-)

I've got a site that is made up of 1 master site and 3 sub sites. The 
process for doing this is documented in the sample in whiteboard. The 
primary trick is a locationmap that "mounts" the sub sites.

In my worksite I've done this with relative paths and it worked great. 
That is, subsiteA is "mounted" from "../../../subsiteA".

Unfortunately someone else has just tried to build this on their machine 
and it doesn't work.

After some digging I discovered that the resolved location from the 
sitemap is relative to the Forrest install not the site being built.

i.e. instead of 
"/mysite/src/documentation/content/../../../../subsiteA..." we get 

On my machine this works because Forrest is at the same directory depth 
as my master site. On my colleagues machine this is not the case and so 
it fails.

So, my question is. How can I get the location of the locationmap file 
itself for use in these relative matches?


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