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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Seed site, whiteboard or example?
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2008 13:59:28 GMT
Our team are knocking together an instance of Forrest that will be used 
to integrate content from many different sources.

The first two sources are MoinMoin and TEI, But it will eventually 
include an RT ticket queue, SugarCRM, a popular CMS (yet to be 
identified) and maybe a few other things.

The idea is that it becomes the central point for entry into these 
disparate systems and will allow us to provide reports in one place.

I think this makes a good example site, there is nothing private about 
all this and so I propose doing the work in Forrest SVN.

So where should I put it?

It's not really a seed site since it's fairly specific to our set of 
tools. I'm not sure about it going into whiteboard as it will 
(eventually) be a useful example of how to integrate many data sources 
into one place. Perhaps we should have an examples section (outside of 
the documentation as this is a full site that we want to use internally 
with minimal effort - otherwise we won't bother to maintain it in Forrest)


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