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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: i18n message catalogue filename convention
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2008 16:33:08 GMT
Sjur Moshagen wrote:
> So far the built-in support for i18n is only done for HTML output. The  
> files are called CommonMessages_LOCALE.xml. The problem is that the  
> name is misleading, since the messages/strings in those files are  
> really not common to other output formats than HTML.
> Also, all string translation there is is now done in core. I suggest  
> that the string translations of plugins will be moved into each  
> plugin, which necessitates that the translation files get unique names  
> to avoid clashes (for example in a project translation override/ 
> enhancement).

Do the filenames really need to be unique?
Perhaps the locationmap enables their resolution.
I don't know, just wondering.

> I would therefore like to propose the following naming scheme for  
> string translation files:
> [Output/Internal/Theme][PluginName]Messages_LOCALE.xml
> That will give filenames of the type:
> OutputHTMLMessages_en.xml
> OutputPDFMessages_en.xml
> etc.

If we do need unique names then perhaps it
should use the full plugin name. I imagine that
someone could provide their own plugin for a particular
functionality instead of the forrest-supplied one.

> i18n is most relevant for the output, but I wouldn't like to exclude  
> other types of plugins in the naming convention, just in case.

Using the full plugin name is verbose, but it does
remove all ambiguity.


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