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From "Gavin" <>
Subject ForrestBot deploy.scp working anyone ?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2008 08:19:40 GMT
Hi All,

I configured a publish.xml and settings file for SCP.

I got it to the stage where it works, but it only
deploys PDF files, all other files , .html .css etc are ignored!

The build part of it works fine and the build dir has all the files
in place.

Anyone come across this before? 
(FTP works fine bur cant use it in this case)

Here is my config :-


<project name="docs" default="main">
<property name="" value="myhost"/> <!-- try localhost -->
<property name="" value="somename@somedomain.tld"/>
<property name="" value=" somename@somedomain.tld "/>
<property name="notify.administrator" value="somename&lt;
somename\@somedomain.tld >"/>
<property name="getsrc.local.root-dir" location="."/>

<!-- create this secret file to be an ant project (not stored in CVS or SVN)
that sets deploy.scp.{dest/keyfile/passphrase/password} properties.-->

<import file="../../deploy.scp.settings" optional="false"/>
   <target name="deploy" depends="deploy.scp"/>
   <target name="notify" depends="notify.local,"/>
   <target name="getsrc" depends="getsrc.clean-workdir, getsrc.local"/>
   <property environment="env"/>
   <import file="${env.FORREST_HOME}/tools/forrestbot/core/forrestbot.xml"/>


        <property name="deploy.scp.dest"
        <property name="" value="true"/>
        <!--<property name="deploy.scp.keyfile"
        <property name="deploy.scp.passphrase" value="somepass"/>-->
        <property name="deploy.scp.password" value="somepass"/>



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