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From Sjur Moshagen <>
Subject Re: FOPNGSerializer, user-config and locationmaps
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2008 07:17:54 GMT
Den 18. aug. 2008 kl. 15.05 skrev Thorsten Scherler:

>> To sum up:
>> 1. if the path is hardcoded in the sitemap, all is ok
>> 2. if the path is empty in the sitemap, all is ok
>> 3. if the path is looked up via lm, and a matching file is found(*),
>> the path returned is garbage
>> 4. if the path is looked up via lm, but no match is found, garbage is
>> returned instead of the empty string
>> Both 3. and 4. returns:
>> /usr/local/forrest/build/plugins/ 
>> org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.pdf/
>> pdf.user-config}
> do not pay much attention to what I recall but AFAIR the problem is  
> that
> in the map:config block of the sitemap you just cannot use input
> modules.

It is defined within map:components, and there are other examples  
within the same block, so I assumed this was fixed (I remember it  
didn't use to work, but nowadays it should, see example below).

> You could try to define {properties:testing} and I guess that will not
> returning anything either.

Within the main sitemap of Forrest ($FORREST_HOME/main/sitemap.xmap)  
the following is found:

       <map:transformer name="i18n"  
         <catalogues default="common">
           <catalogue id="common" name="CommonMessages"  

Note the {properties:} input module string in the @location. This is  
working just fine, AFAICT. Which means that input modules ought to  
work at the required place for the FOPNGSerializer as well.

> Sorry for not being a bigger help on this.

No problem - all feedback is useful and helping to bring this forward:)

Best regards,

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