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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: input.wordpress (was Re: potential new plugin)
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 06:03:27 GMT
Brian M Dube wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >Brian M Dube wrote:
> >>
> >>I'd like to put the plugin in the whiteboard, but it has some
> >>dependencies that we can't distribute. Perhaps it should be hosted
> >>elsewhere, like the SourceForge project that Ross has set up for plugins.
> >
> >Preferably we can find a way to have it in our whiteboard.
> >
> >There have been lots of clarifications at legal-discuss
> >recently.

Sorry i don't have time, but will try to assist.

Bear in mind that the people at legal-discuss are
volunteers too. Any contact would need to be succinct.

Don't expect them to know how Forrest works: that we
have a core, and then optional plugins for specific tasks.

Actually i wonder if being an "optional plugin" makes
any difference. Our aim is still to enable downstream
packagers to readily use our products.

> >Would you be able to summarise your plugin here on
> >forrest dev.
> The plugin includes content from a WordPress blog directly from the 
> MySQL backend. The idea is to use existing infrastructure from the 
> (local) WordPress installation to post, edit, maintain, etc. and then 
> gather the content for publishing through the plugin. The administrative 
> interface (a possible security problem) is kept off the published site.

The dependencies on the main facilities (e.g. WordPress and MySql)
seem okay to me. I expect that they would be treated as
system requirements, i.e. there is no use for the plugin if
there is no server available to connect to and extract content from.

> The dependencies thus far:
> antlr-2.7.6.jar
> asm-1.5.3.jar
> asm-attrs-1.5.3.jar
> backport-util-concurrent-3.0.jar
> cglib-nodep-2.2.jar
> commons-beanutils-1.7.0.jar
> commons-collections-3.1.jar
> commons-dbcp-1.2.2.jar
> commons-lang-2.3.jar
> commons-logging-1.1.jar
> commons-pool-1.3.jar
> dom4j-1.6.1.jar
> dynadto-1.0.jar
> ehcache-1.4.1.jar
> hibernate-3.2.6.jar
> jta.jar
> log4j-1.2.11.jar
> mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar
> spring-2.5.4.jar
> xom-1.0.jar

Some of them (e.g. ehcache) are already in forrest core lib
but need to to updated.

If Forrest followed our usual technique of re-distributing
the supporting jars as a convenience, then definitely there
are some in that list that cannot be re-distributed:

e.g. hibernate - See 150 hits for that word on legal-discuss@
especially LEGAL-7 (and its linked issues) and the responses
to that and to LEGAL-9.

e.g. mysql-connector-java - I expect that there would be
similar issues. Is there no suitably licensed alternative?

The draft third-party licensing page indicates other options,
and the following sections.
However, the top of that page infers that the document has
been superceded. The new document does not seem to be as clear.

This is why we need to express our case to the legal-discuss
list. The documentation is being formed from explicit use-cases.

> >The legal-discuss@ list wants to approach each use-case
> >as it comes up. Perhaps we have a unique situation.
> I haven't checked each license yet. I wanted to make sure the plugin 
> worked the way I expected before worrying about that too much. It could 
> use a few more eyes, but it does work.

We need to consider not only the supporting libraries,
but also any additional Forrest java source code, e.g.
a new Cocoon generator/transformer.

> I want to use the same approach for a Menalto Gallery 2 plugin that 
> allows the use of existing infrastructure for the administrative tasks 
> and then gathers the content for a static site.
> If either of these plugins spark developer interest, let's see what we 
> can do about getting them in the whiteboard.



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