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From "Christian Grobmeier" <>
Subject PHP Forrest
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2008 14:30:09 GMT
Hi all,

after digging into Apache Forrest, I introduced it to my project
and immediatly it has been grown to our documentation system.
We generated forrest-xml out of annotated Java Code and all were happy,
except that some people didn't feel comfortable with handlng the complexity
of forrest. The developers first were afraid of the tons of features forrest
brought with it.
Sometimes i had to implement own formats for very special documentation

However at the end I think Forrest has very good ideas and concepts but two

1) its complex and one cannot start immediatly if you want a bit more than
just writing content. Even implementing your own design can bring you some
pain in the ass.
2) its java and i can only use it for projects which have an own server
running, the rights to install it and so on. If I want to get the content
from outside my company I have to open a port or rent a root server.

This brought me to the conclusion that I need a lightweight Forrest. Means:
less features but easier and an easy installation.
I have stolen the great ideas of cocoon and forrest and wrote something
similar in PHP.

I call it PIWI and you can check it out here:

 Its not complete yet and a very early state, but you can generate piwi xml
from different sources, and transform piwi-xml (similar to document-v2.0) to
HTML. Of course there is a site.xml.
At the moment there is no session handling (needed for localization)  and no
form-handling, but we plan to implement this
beginning in september. A cache would also be nice.

Currently we develop at Google Code but I was curious about if the Forrest
project or some developers here are interested in this
implementation. I know there are not to much php folks at apache, but maybe
PHP-Forrest would be a good start. If there is
interest, I am willing to contribute that project and can imagine that the
Forrest Project may be a good umbrella for that code.

Best regards,

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