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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: PHP Forrest
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2008 13:26:17 GMT
Christian Grobmeier wrote:
>     There has, in the past, been some interest in a "lightweight"
>     forrest. However, I suspect for you to gather interest here it would
>     have to reuse much of what is going on in the Forrest world, i.e. be
>     able to use existing plugins (or at least substantial parts of
>     them). Certainly that would be the case for me.
> Interesting point.  I would have to figure out how that would work. In 
> fact, due to the scripting engines in Java,
> it would be possible to integrate a Java-Forrest with PIWI. One could 
> use the old Java-Plugins, while using PIWI then.
> PIWI could be used as a forrest plugin or standalone.

That doesn't sound lightweight. You just added a layer of complexity for 
all existing users without adding any real benefit (that I can see at 

>     I'd also be concerned about the apparant lack of static generation
>     in PIWI - this is a main feature of Forrest.
> That's true. Here could also help the Forrest-Piwi plugin mentioned 
> above, or a Java-Crawler which also uses PIWI. Java is great for that 
> stuff meanwhile and the resin php implementation works very good. I am 
> not sure about the license stuff here.

There is a standalone crawler (Droids) being developed in Apache labs. 
Another solution would be to use wget, but that is not an ideal solution.

>     However, your proposal is interesting, it's just impossible for me
>     to say whether *I* would be interested because your site does not
>     provide enough information about what it can and cannot do. Putting
>     together a sample site demonstrating all the features would be good.
> I will put such a site together, with more documentation and then come 
> back to this list. If some of you are interested in trying out: after 
> downloading and putting the code into a php5 host a sample site is 
> allready configured.

That would be good. Keep us informed of your progress.


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