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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: PHP Forrest
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2008 09:58:35 GMT
Christian Grobmeier wrote:

> This brought me to the conclusion that I need a lightweight Forrest. 
> Means: less features but easier and an easy installation.
> I have stolen the great ideas of cocoon and forrest and wrote something 
> similar in PHP.
> I call it PIWI and you can check it out here:
>  Its not complete yet and a very early state, but you can generate piwi 
> xml from different sources, and transform piwi-xml (similar to 
> document-v2.0) to HTML. Of course there is a site.xml.
> At the moment there is no session handling (needed for localization)  
> and no form-handling, but we plan to implement this
> beginning in september. A cache would also be nice.

Some of the issues you raise were what prompted me to experiment with 
Forrest 2. I created a simple prototype of Forrest 2 a long time ago, 
however, I've since moved onto other things (Apache Sling provides much 
of what I, personally, need). This was intended to simplify the use of 
Forrest whilst retaining the flexibility of the plugin framework.

There has, in the past, been some interest in a "lightweight" forrest. 
However, I suspect for you to gather interest here it would have to 
reuse much of what is going on in the Forrest world, i.e. be able to use 
existing plugins (or at least substantial parts of them). Certainly that 
would be the case for me.

The fact that you are using "piwi-xml" is a concern. Forrest is trying 
to move to a subset of XHTML2, it is highly unlikely that we would go 
the route of another non-standard format.

I'd also be concerned about the apparant lack of static generation in 
PIWI - this is a main feature of Forrest.

However, your proposal is interesting, it's just impossible for me to 
say whether *I* would be interested because your site does not provide 
enough information about what it can and cannot do. Putting together a 
sample site demonstrating all the features would be good.


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