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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: memory leaks in forrest
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2008 02:34:46 GMT
Thorsten Scherler wrote:
> lately I saw a couple of OutOfMemoryError reports around forrest. Brain
> and Gavin reported them around the dispatcher plugin. Actually today I
> ran to an OutOfMemoryError within our solr plugin. 
> The code is not used with the dispatcher but directly. I am using 
> Doing a "top" on the box I see that the memory never got cleaned up. It
> keeps on growing till it reaches the max. You can see it quite fast in
> limiting the max memory to a real small amount (e.g. 128M) the memory
> usage is keep on growing till forrest fails with Heaps size error. 
> My first impression would be that is caused by the above generator but
> seeing all the recent threads about similar situations it makes me
> wander whether that may be a general problem.

I don't use the solr plugin.

I do see the issue with one of my complex sites that
uses dispatcher plugins (not your other whiteboard work).
Also with the forrest/site-author site which is skins-based.

The memory usage does not increase quickly, as for yours,
but yes it does increase. Only manual tests so not yet
reached a crash.

However, this seems to be consistent with the bugs that
we have already identified.
"Memory Leak with XMLFileModule"
and there was some other known dispatcher issues.

Aside: Oh it would be blissful to get our internal
Cocoon upgraded to at least use Cocoon-2.1 head.
Ralph Goers has fixed that problem which causes FOR-591.

> Does anybody see an obvious leak in the above generator? Does anybody
> has an idea how we can trigger the leak?

I have not looked - perhaps someone else can.

Does the solr plugin make extensive use of XML File Module?
You might reach crisis more quickly.

Also see Tim's comments in FOR-591 regarding perhaps
"compounded this issue with similar simple caching in the locationmap".
Maybe that part has already been addressed.
There was recently some other locationmap changes.

Dunno, sorry, just some ideas.


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