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From "Carlos Tejo Alonso" <>
Subject RE: XInclude
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2008 07:43:34 GMT

> > 18. - [code] Migrate to a decent schema language, primarily 
> so that we can
> > use namespaces in XML docs, allowing things like XInclude, 
> in-line metadata,
> > in-line SVG, Jelly snippets, or anything else users can 
> make a Transformer
> > for. → open
> > 
> > So it seems that is not done. I don't know the best way 
> forward on this, we
> > can add it to our DTD, create a new one and add it to our 
> schema, point to
> > something better existing or .. ??
> > 
> > The patch itself seems flawless in its application, matching the W3C
> > examples [1] pretty closely, so I don’t have a problem with 
> the way they
> > have been applied as such, just need to work out the best 
> approach to
> > approve the method and get it validated against our tests.

Are you planning to change the xdoc intermediate language? Maybe change to xhtml 1.1? I will
be waiting for news in order to do my bit.

> Hmmm.... I'm sure I've used XInclude without breaking validation,
> however, it is many years ago now and my memory may be tricking me.
> I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with DTD's.

Me too :-(
> I'd be happy to remove my -1 on the example and the 
> validation turn off
> if there was a nice big *warning* at the top of the sample 
> page to warn
> users about this and to point to an issue to fix it.

I don't know why it not validate. I am using the developer version of forrest in order to
user xinclude, and it is working fine in my computer.


Carlos Tejo Alonso
R&D+I Deparment - CTIC Foundation [Asturias, Spain] 
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