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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r628164 - /forrest/branches/UpdateFOPto094/plugins/org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.pdf/resources/stylesheets/document-to-fo.xsl
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2008 13:16:29 GMT

> jeje, like Jeremias explains the new fop is able to resolve special
> protocols like cocoon:// (I tested on the old one and it does not work
> there). This solves the problem I guess for most if not all image links
> since we can use cocoon pipelines to generate the image. 

some right away, the others once we changed the pipelines, I 

> Which are the images that fail, because this should actually fix all
> images? If not that can mean that we have another piece of code that is
> changing the image linking (or the when test are matching).

In the skinned site

> ERROR - Image not available: C:\forrest\fop94\build\test_skinned_site/src/documentation/resources/images///icon-e.png
> ERROR - Image not available: C:\forrest\fop94\build\test_skinned_site/src/documentation/resources/images///ellipse-2.png
> ERROR - Image not available:
>               cocoon://ellipse.png
> ERROR - Image not available:
>               cocoon://cocoon-pyramid.png
> ERROR - Image not available:
>               cocoon://icon-d.png
> * [24/54]   [0/0]     1.203s 143.4Kb samples1/linking.pdf

> ERROR - Image not available: C:\forrest\fop94\build\test_skinned_site/src/documentation/resources/images///usemap.gif
> * [63/27]   [0/0]     0.313s 105.3Kb samples1/usemap.pdf

> ERROR - Image not available:
>               cocoon://cocoon-pyramid.png
> * [67/24]   [0/0]     0.125s 104.9Kb samples1/ascii-art.pdf

Thanks for helping on this.

> Hmmm. That is strange. I just reverted my merger thinking that I had broken trunk. But
it is still broken. Did I do something wrong reverting changes from 628175? 

Btw. Do you know what broke trunk. Can I re-merge now that 
we know that trunk was broken before?

Best regards,
Ferdinand Soethe

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